Grant Award Details

Grant Award

The grant covers program costs, including transportation, lodging, host institution fees and related expenses. Grantees will attend a mandatory program orientation in Washington, DC in August to help them prepare for their program. While abroad, grantees will receive a maintenance allowance designed to assist with the costs of living during the program. Grantees will have the opportunity to apply for professional development funds to support development and research or to cover the expenses of attending a conference or workshop related to their field of teaching expertise. Grantees will study at a host university or institution abroad and conduct an inquiry project related to their professional interests. Additional activities in local schools include opportunities to observe classes, team teach or conduct seminars or workshops. 

Getting There2016 DA Teachers to/from Botswana

Travel expenses for grantees are paid for by the Fulbright program. All costs for dependents’ or family travel are the grantee’s responsibility.

Living There

Securing comfortable living arrangements in your host country is a vital part of a positive exchange experience. U.S. and international teachers will receive assistance in locating suitable housing.


Family members are allowed to accompany the grantee to the host country for all or part of the program. Grantees are responsible for all costs for family members while abroad and must demonstrate that they have sufficient funds available to support their family while abroad.