Grant Award Details

Grant Award

The grant covers program costs, including transportation, lodging, host institution fees and related expenses. Grantees will attend a mandatory program orientation in Washington, DC in August to help them prepare for their program. While abroad, grantees will receive a maintenance allowance designed to assist with the costs of living during the program. Grantees will have the opportunity to apply for professional development funds to support development and research or to cover the expenses of attending a conference or workshop related to their field of teaching expertise. Grantees will study at a host university or institution abroad and conduct an inquiry project related to their professional interests. Additional activities in local schools include opportunities to observe classes, team teach or conduct seminars or workshops. 

Getting There2016 DA Teachers to/from Botswana

Travel expenses for grantees are paid for by the Fulbright program. All costs for dependents’ or family travel are the grantee’s responsibility.

Living There

Securing comfortable living arrangements in your host country is a vital part of a positive exchange experience. U.S. and international teachers will receive assistance in locating suitable housing.


Family members are allowed to accompany the grantee to the host country for all or part of the program. U.S. grantees will receive a $2000 dependent allowance for each eligible family member that accompanies the grantee for 80% or more of his/her time in the host country. Eligible family members include dependent children aged 21 or younger and married partners. The grantee is responsible for paying for all additional family member costs.

Grantees are welcome to bring children with them on the Fulbright Program, however, arranging for and paying for children’s schooling will be the responsibility of the grantee with limited support from in-country partners. Partial funding for host country dependent tuition may be provided, pending available funding. In the chart below is general information related to enrolling children in schools, school fees, and related information. Each grantee should consider this information illustrative and not definitive.  

School type preference: We recommend that children enroll in host country public schools, as they provide the most immersive and beneficial experience for students to learn about the host country. In some countries enrollment in local public schools is not possible or advisable. General information about schooling options in each country is provided below.

K-12 Schooling Options and Tuition Fees Per Country

This chart provides general information about host country schooling and estimated costs, current as of September 2017. Each participant should do their own research to find the best option for their needs. If a country is not listed, information is not currently available.


 Types of English-language schooling available for U.S. school-age children

General Enrollment Costs

All amounts in U.S. dollars

 Other information

Botswana Private Schools Private school fees are between $700 – $1,200 per 3-month term. Transportation and lunch pack to school additional cost. A pre-admission test is normally arranged before the school term starts. Once selected for the program, contact with local schools may be initiated.
Colombia Private schools recommended $300-$700 plus transportation and food ($200). Registration fee ($500-$1000) also required) Local private bilingual schools recommended, as they often allow enrollment in January; public schools require enrollment in August. Online interviews and other pre-arrival communications with local private bilingual schools possible. There is no formal classification of schools; types of private schools are as follows: 1) International bilingual schools, typically available through grade 12 with double degree with institutions abroad (e.g., Germany, France); 2) Local bilingual schools (recommended), typically available through grade 11; and 3) Schools that focus on instruction in English.
Finland Public schools available No cost Grantees should plan to contact school administrators before June or after August as school administrators are not available during summer months.
Greece Public schools available. English language schools are fee-based. Vary per school. Costs at American Community Schools range from $8,200 to $9,400 per semester.  
India Public schools available Indian primary and secondary school costs range between $100 - $500 per month. Fee structures vary by school and in addition to the school costs, there are other expenses such as admission fees, school uniforms, stationery and educational supplies etc. which add costs of approx. US $500 to US $2000 for a single child. Some schools will not enroll children in the middle of an academic year.
Israel Public schools available No cost Grantees must pay for school materials and books for their children.
Mexico Public schools available. English language schools may require fees. Public schools are tuition free but there are minimal costs associated with uniforms and related expenses. Children must be enrolled before the school year begins.
Morocco Public schools available. Private schools provide more options. Private school costs vary by school and range from ~$150 - $400 per month. American school costs vary from $3,500 - $8,000 per semester. There are American Schools in four major cities:
Netherlands Dutch public schools typically accept Dutch-speaking students only. English language schools available (international, American, and British schools). Fees of English language schools range between $4,000 - $8,800 per year. American and British Schools range between $17,500 - $25,000 per year. The American school enrollment fee is ~$5,900.  
New Zealand Public schools available Vary by school Public schooling is free however parents are asked to pay a contribution of $175-$450/year to support activities outside of the core curriculum. These are paid in full or on an installment basis. Costs for short-term enrollments vary; some schools charge by month, others by term. Other fees are those for sports, school trips, exam fees, and other course-related costs. The Ministry of Education website to find resources about schools, including school term dates is
Palestinian Territories Public schools available. English language schools are fee-based. The cost of private school ranges from $1600 - $3500 per semester. An enrollment fee of ~$1,200 may be required.   
Singapore Enrollment in public schools is only available if in country for one year or more. U.S. dependents may enroll in a local American school. Costs range from $20,000 to $40,000; a one-time fee up to $10,000 may be required. More information can be accessed here:
Taiwan Public schools available if student will be in Taiwan for 180 days or more. Private schools available. Tuition and fees are ~$100 per semester. Grantees should arrive in Taiwan one month in advance for processing the administration for school-age kids enrolling in Taiwanese schools. For Fall semester, schools typically start end of August/early September and ends in mid-January.  for Spring semester, schools typically start in early February and ends at the end of June.
United Kingdom Public schools available Vary by school

The United Kingdom primary schooling site is, which provides general information. School-age dependents with a valid visa (Tier % GAE child/dependent visa) can enroll in public schools.

Vietnam Public schools available if students can speak Vietnamese and pass a proficiency test. Private international schools available. The costs for enrolling in international schools range from $800 - $2000 per month.