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Partner Organization: Fulbright Center

Language Requirement: No requirement

Eligible Program Dates: January - June

*Teachers going to the Netherlands will start their programs in mid-January.  Program lengths can vary. Applicants are encouraged to consider staying for at least four months.

Educational System Overview

The Netherlands’ education system has three levels:

  • Primary education (8 years, generally age 4-12)
  • Secondary education (4, 5 or 6 years, depending on the type of school, generally age 12-16 to 18)
  • Higher education (age 18 – 22, with research oriented universities and professional education in the universities of applied sciences)

Education is compulsory for all students aged between 6 and 16 years of age. For a more detailed description, please review the Netherlands Country Module.

For additional information, please click on the following links to look at the website of the Dutch Ministry of Education, Science and Culture for primary education, for secondary education and for higher education.

Teachers are trained at both universities of applied sciences (primary education, secondary education) and research universities (secondary education).

Possible Host Organizations

The Dutch Fulbright Commission highly encourages applicants to research possible host organizations and possible faculty advisors before submitting your application (put this information in question 8 of the inquiry project section). Any Dutch research oriented university or university of applied sciences can in principle be considered as a host organization. However, most of the universities of applied sciences are not research-oriented and have little or no courses in English. 

Overview of all Dutch research universities: vsnu.nl/en_GB/dutch-universities.html 

Overview of all Dutch universities of applied sciences: www.vereniginghogescholen.nl/hogescholen

Project Topics

All project topics available.