Fulbright Teacher Alumni

As Fulbright alumni, you are part of a unique community that has crossed cultural and geographic boundaries to share your knowledge with the world. Now that your Fulbright program is complete, you may be wondering how you can remain connected to the program and increase the impact of your experience abroad by sharing it with others.

Alumni are invited to become a part of the Department of State’s International Exchange Alumni website, an online community which serves as a professional support network for the nearly 300,000 Fulbright alumni worldwide.

You may also wish to join the Fulbright Association, or one of its local chapters.

Another way to educate others about the program is by sharing your story with us. We encourage you to contact us directly so that we may feature your stories on the web via our website and social media sites, as well as in other publicity materials like our annual report, fliers and newsletters. Please use the Send Us Your Updates form to tell us your story.